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The Official Institution Responsible For Training And Facilitating Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises & Cooperative

The Internet has revolutionized the way people do businesses. Nowadays, there are thousands of online shops which each of them offers wide variety of unique merchandise, craft products, fashion, and many more products in competitive prices. Some even offer cash-on-delivery payment options, making it much easier and more convenient for us to shop.

Seeing this up-and-coming shopping trend, the SMESCO Indonesia as a public service agency under the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, is also upgrading. The agency, which is aimed at developing and promoting Indonesia's SMEs, currently manages over 1,800 small-to-medium enterprises from all over the archipelago. Currently, the agency actively offers e-commerce trainings and facilities to its members. It because important for small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperatives (SMESCO) to prepare Indonesia's enterprises to compete in the world market.

This institution would continue to improve SME human resource quality by providing various kinds of training and assistance. Such efforts were an integral part of SMESCO's work to boost local SMEs products to ensure maximum growth.

What SMESCO doing for those Indonesia entrepreneurs?

SMESCO become the center of market informations. SMESCO offers expansive halls to display the products of entrepreneurs at its office at the SME Tower, at Jalan Gatot Subroto Jakarta. Besides that, SMESCO also provide trainings and workshops to develop the businesses of those entrepreneurs. It also functioned as promoting consultant and introduce international buyers to the members and do some business-matching sessions. All of the facilities and trainings can be used without additional charges for the members.

What kind of product that are in SMESCO?

Here in SMESCO, you can find unique products belong to Indonesia and cannot be found in other countries. The international guests visiting SMESCO are interested to buy and bring them to their home country. The products are well made with high-quality materials. Mostly, the products are handmade products, by Indonesian talented craftsmen. Some products that you can buy in SMESCO are fashion products, Batik, fabric, crafts, furniture, jewelry, shoes, weaving products, food & beverage, and many more.

SMESCO has visited by thousands visitors both domestic and local. It because all products from 34 provinces of Indonesia are here, and through in good quality control. So if you want to collect products from all of the provinces in Indonesia and you don’t have the chance to visit all of them, you could visit this place. And, if your friends asked for souvenirs when you had a trip somewhere in Indonesia, just asked them to visit SMESCO!

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